Jobs For Business Management

There is no dearth of MBA Jobs for Business Management in this aggressively competitive era of globalization. In fact, MBA jobs are available in all fields of business. Business management is an inevitable aspect for the success of each organization today.

Industries ranging from travel and tourism to medical and health, from hospitality to Information Technology and from advertising to PR have varied roles for management personnel. Having technical knowledge pertaining to any of these fields is not sufficient. Sound management skills are necessary for the sustenance and growth of any business.

The Traits of an MBA Professional

Some of the distinguished characteristics of a trained management professional are:

• Articulation, both verbal and written
• The ability to communicate the right message across confidently
• The knack of understanding and handling and managing a variety of people across domains
• Excellent team workers and leaders
• Quick grasping abilities and implementation skills

Moreover, following are some important things to note:

• Business management skills are inherent to a successful MBA professional.
• A successful manager is the one who can adapt himself to the requirements of the rapidly changing industry standards;
• And demonstrate the same level of finesse across various facets of business management.

Today, a business management professional has a multitude of options to choose from while selecting their field of specialization. The term business management is not limited to managing a standard entrepreneurial venture or a family-run business. There is an incredible amount of diversity in MBA jobs across industries. Let’s discuss a few among the most popular MBA jobs.

MBA Jobs in Finance and Accounting

Among the most sought after are the MBAs with an accounting experience or specialization. This is one field which never goes out of demand. Whether it’s a public or private firm or a government concern, MBA jobs in accounting are diverse in roles and functions viz.

• Management of accounts receivable or payable units or transactions
• Preparation of Taxation documents
• Financial and Budget Analysis
• Financial Planning, Management and Tracking
• Investment Banking

MBA Jobs in Business Management

The essence of the role of an MBA is to manage people and accomplish a task by getting work done successfully. MBA jobs in the following fields require the same level of expertise:

• An HR job entails managing man power to the best for company’s optimum growth
• Operations management encompasses managing each task for the overall smooth operation of a business unit
• Supply Chain Management includes devising and implementing procurement strategies, logistics and ensuring JIT delivery

MBA Jobs in Information Technology

The field of IT needs MBA professionals for various project needs:

• Supervision of IT staff and project management
• Implementation of Management Information System
• Management of Database Administration

MBA Jobs in Marketing

The trade and commerce world today would be incomplete without the efforts of its marketing professionals. Marketing is a key element for the success of every small or large business endeavor. MBA Jobs in marketing exist in the following areas:

• Brand building
• Advertisement and Promotions
• Public Relationship Management
• Market Research and Analysis

The job opportunities for experienced, versatile and skillful MBA professionals across industries are practically endless. A business management degree is highly reputable and desired for the management of entrepreneurial ventures, global trade, product development, corporate communications and the field of consulting.

The Role of an Online Business

Many business owners are a little confused between an Online Business Manager and a Virtual Assistant – they think they’re one and the same. To some extent they are, but there is a role for both types of virtual support professional in your business. And it very much depends on where you’re at in your business.

To put simply, I equate an Online Business Manager with the traditional Office Manager/Executive Personal Assistant in the corporate world; and a virtual assistant with an administrative assistant. I think most people understand these concepts. So in an online business, the Online Business Manager and Virtual Assistant fulfill these same roles.

When you first start out in your business, you typically have very few clients; your marketing strategies are simple; and you have a limited budget. In this situation a Virtual Assistant can fully support you and take some of the basic day-to-day tasks off your plate, leaving you to build and grow your business.

But as you do your job in growing your business – you get more clients, your income increases, you start to offer products and programs – then typically you’ll find yourself not only growing the business and working with clients, but also managing a lot of the day-to-day activities that you shouldn’t really be managing. This shows up in ways such as:

  • Knowing that you don’t have enough systems in place, but not having the time to put them together.
  • There’s so much going on in your business that you don’t know what’s getting done and what isn’t.
  • Delegating work between your Virtual Assistant, your web designer, your graphic designer, or your affiliate manager, and having to constantly check in with them.
  • Not having the technical expertise (either yourself or your team) to get your Infusionsoft or 1ShoppingCart account set up properly.

And as a result you become frustrated and overwhelmed, and all the fun goes out of running your projects. A lot of those projects you want to implement, which you know will generate additional revenues for you, are getting put on the back burner because you’re spending most of your time putting out fires.

This is when you need… an Online Business Manager!

Visuzalize an organizational chart, the Online Business Manager will sit between you and your team members. They can see the Big Picture for your business (because they’re big thinker strategists), but they are also be able to break down that picture into step-by-step projects to delegate to your team.

Your Online Business Manager will take responsibility for:

  • Project Management – setting up that new online program or membership portal.
  • Operations Management – ensuring that your Infusionsoft or 1ShoppingCart account is set up correctly to deliver your automated marketing plan, programs, and products.
  • Metrics Management – tracking your stats so you know exactly what’s working in your business and what isn’t.
  • People Management – managing the day-to-day tasks of your team members so that you don’t have to.

And your time is freed up to focus on growing your business. The result… your Big Picture gets implemented and your goals are achieved!

Understanding how these various roles fit into an online business will help you determine the best needs for your business. You’ll be able to hire the right team member, at the right time.

And when you have this level of support – someone who understands both business strategy and is very detail oriented – you have a winning combination for growing your business from five figures into six figures and beyond.